• Laser Pain ManagementLaser Pain ManagementDiscover the pain relief from High Power Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment modality where light is used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote wound healing and soft tissue repair.read more
  • Exercise RehabExercise RehabCorrecting underlying compensation patterns is a critical component of a full resolution of an injury. Corrective exercises are designed to strengthen and stabilize the structures around an injury.read more
  • Chiropractic AdjustmentsChiropractic AdjustmentsChiropractic adjustments have been utilized by top professional athletes including future hall of fame baseball player Jim Thome, current major league home run leader Chris Davis, Brian Roberts, Tiger Woods...read more
  • RocktapeRocktapeYou've seen the colorful Kinesiology tape on the Olympic athletes. Unlike traditional athletic tape which restricts movement and will inhibit normal motion and circulation, Kinesio tape encourages normal movement...read more

Get Back In The Game And Compete With Confidence

Professional level sports therapy, training and Rehabilitation for amateur athletes of all disciplines 

At Sarasota Sports Medicine you can expect:

You Don't Have To Be a Pro To Be Treated Like One!

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Meal Planning; the Key to 'Sticking With It'

The success of any diet plan is consistency. As the adage goes; "if you fail to plan, you're planning to fail". If you don't start with a solid plan to be consistent with your diet, a thousand things will take priority throughout the week. Meal planning is the best way to give you the greatest chance at success. By taking a day, perhaps over a weekend, to map out your weekly meals, you will have plan to help you stick with your diet each week. 

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Sarasota Sports Medicine Named Finalist For Small Business of The Year

Sarasota Sports Medicine has the honor of being named a finalist in the Health & Wellness Organization of the Year of the 2018 Frank G. Berlin,Sr. Small Business Awards with the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

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What Client's Are Saying

"As an active sports enthusiast with five knee surgeries under my belt, I've seen my fair share of therapists, many of them very good. However, I would have to put Dr. Kaufman at the top of the list. After an MRI showed tears in both the labrum and rotator cuff and following the advice of my orthopedist, I chose therapy over surgery. Dr. Kaufman came highly recommended and after reviewing his credentials, I decided to do a few sessions of laser therapy, active stretching and Kinesio tape. I felt noticeable improvement in my pain after just a few sessions. I decided to extend my therapy with him and go through his active core exercise program. At first, I found it odd given we were not doing much direct shoulder work, but each week my shoulder got stronger and better. After 12 weeks of work with Dr. Kaufman, my shoulder feels stronger and functional as ever. As a sporting Clay's enthusiast, I was excited to get back out there after taking 12 weeks off. Taking the 28ga class in a local Fun Shoot on my first day back was just icing on the cake and my shoulder felt great. I could not have asked for better results. Ken accommodated my need for an early session, answered text messages while on his vacation and was always engaging - explaining exercises and areas of focus for the exercise. I highly recommend Dr. Kaufman for anyone seeking a qualified sports doctor and therapist." 

- Robert Schuster - Venice, FL

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