Foot and Ankle Pain

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries:

  • Plantar Fasiitis

  • Heel Spurs

  • Neuropathy

  • Inversion/Eversion Sprains

  • Shin Splints 

Ankle Sprain.jpg

Get Back in The Game With Our Proprietary Treatment Program

"THESE GUYS ARE MIRACLE WORKERS! Never in my life have I had an injury so acute that recovered this quickly. I am a professional tennis player, and I travelled to Bradenton for a tournament. In my first match, I jammed my ankle so badly that I couldn’t bear weight on that foot the next morning. I couldn’t even walk, let alone play my second match. I pulled out of the tournament, and found Sarasota Sports Medicine for treatment. Between Dr. O’Dea’s dry needling and acupuncture techniques, Dr. Kaufman’s ankle manipulations and the daily laser therapy that Angie used, I was walking again with no pain after three days. I even COMPETED the following week!

This whole group is friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and experienced. The office became my home away from home while I was there! I would not hesitate to fly down specifically to see them if I get injured again, and I have seen hundreds of physios and practitioners at this point in my career!"

- Stephanie Kent - Newtown, CT