Discover Soothing Relief From Neuropathy

"I recently came in to see Dr. Kaufman after seeing his information about Neuropathy. I've suffered for several years with the burning pain and numbness. Prior to coming to see him, I hadn't slept for 4 days. After the very first treatment, my pain went down considerably and I was able to sleep through the night for the first time. I'm continuing to see progress and am very encouraged with these results! I highly recommend Dr. Kaufman and his treatments." - Bob T.

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End Your Pain With Our Proprietary Treatment Program

Research has shown the following benefits:


  • Significant reduction in total neuropathy scores

  • Safe and effective

  • Significant reduction in neuropathy symptoms

  • Reduction in opioid medication use

  • Return to function and activities

"I came to see Dr Kaufman on the recommendation of a friend. I had experienced over a year’s worth of pain in my hands and wrists. I am a full time working artist and painter and after using my hands holding palettes and brushes, my work became painful and difficult. When I finally made the decision to come in and see Dr Kaufman I found his laser treatments actually provided pain relief. I am continuing to visit his clinic now and am finding less and less hand pain every day. I highly recommend this doctor and clinic if you’re experiencing hand pain that seems to be difficult to diagnose or treat." - Laurie M