Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Injuries

Common Structures Involved in Shoulder Injuries:

  • Rotator Cuff

  • Shoulder Labrum

  • Shoulder Bursa

  • Biceps Tendon


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"I had shoulder surgery 3 years ago and unfortunately tore my shoulder again in 2017. I did not want to have surgery again and met with Dr. Kaufman for an initial consultation in October 2017. I was skeptical of laser treatments and their effectiveness, however, I left the consultation in tears of joy. I felt I finally found someone who could help me overcome the pain and weakness. Dr. Kaufman made sense. His plan to rehab my shoulder was solid. After 2 months of laser treatments and exercises, I felt GOOD. I hadn't felt GOOD in years. In fact, I felt so good, I wanted to get even stronger and have continued working with Dr. Kaufman to this day. He is awesome! I recommend that everyone, regardless of your injury/pain point, to see him before you do anything else. You won't regret it!"

- Julie A. - Sarasota, FL