Tennis & Golfers Elbow

What are the symptoms of tennis/golfers elbow?

  1. Elbow pain that is mild at first but gradually gets worse

  2. Pain extending from the outside/inside of the elbow down to the forearm and wrist

  3. A weak grip

  4. Increased pain when shaking hands or squeezing an object

  5. Pain when lifting something, using tools, or opening jars


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"I came to see Dr Kaufman on the recommendation of a friend. I had experienced over a year’s worth of pain in my hands and wrists. I am a full time working artist and painter and after using my hands holding palettes and brushes, my work became painful and difficult. When I finally made the decision to come in and see Dr Kaufman I found his laser treatments actually provided pain relief. I am continuing to visit his clinic now and am finding less and less hand pain every day. I highly recommend this doctor and clinic if you’re experiencing hand pain that seems to be difficult to diagnose or treat." - Laurie M