Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic is a healing art dedicated to finding and correcting the root cause of musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction. Through proper physical, visual and movement examination, an experienced doctor of Chiropractic can diagnose and treat areas of joint mobility dysfunction, abnormalities in movement mechanics and neural imbalances. As a result of skilled joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques, a restoration of proper joint, soft tissue and nervous system homeostasis is achieved allowing the body to heal, reinstate efficient movement patterns and improve overall physical performance.


Dr. Kaufman has provided high level chiropractic adjustments to patients of all ages and physical abilities for nearly 30 years. As the spring training team chiropractor for the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates, he as  treated top professional athletes including hall of fame baseball player Jim Thome, MLB players Chris Davis, Brian Roberts, Ian Desmond, Manny Machado, Jim Johnson, and many more. Recently, Dr. Kaufman was named the official chiropractor for Sarasota Polo. If chiropractic care is that important for professional athletes to perform their best, just imagine how it could help you! Chiropractic's safe, it's effective and it just plain works!